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Industry executive Jim Vinoski entrenched himself on the front lines of manufacturing over his 30-year career. He helped companies such as Ralston-Purina and General Mills make products from food to plastics and paints to bourbon. Jim interviews leaders in manufacturing throughout the world on his weekly podcast,Manufacturing Talks,” and tells their stories in his column for Forbes magazine.

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Jim needed a platform where he could disseminate his columns, his new Manufacturing Talks podcast and his corporate speaking availability to his growing followers.


Nobody knew who Jim Vinoski was outside of his writing for Forbes and various industry publications. Industry folks paid attention to him, but nothing beyond a small circle of insiders. The circle became much smaller when Forbes put all of Jim’s content behind a paywall.


  • DYS Media spent hours getting to know Jim, his background and the people he could best help with his message.

  • We researched and tested Jim’s keywords to ensure they aligned with his audience and his audience aligned with him.

  • We ensured that search engines would find his new website by posting his videos to the best podcasting apps and listing Manufacturing Talks on Google Business.

  • We needed to build Jim an unmistakable presence on the web that would elevate him above the chatter of imitators and charlatans to reach people whose decisions matter.



  • Manufacturing Talks is a safe and secure anchor on the web to access Jim Vinoski’s content. You can find a library of his manufacturing columns and his video interviews with some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. It all happens at 
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