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The U.S. became energy independent through environmentally safe exploration and extraction. New technologies and procedures come online every day to improve the efficiency of all energy sources, including fossil fuels and alternatives. DYS Media determines where your customers look for information about your area of expertise to ensure that you’re there front and center. Develop a reputation as a clean energy producer always on the look-out for the next breakthrough, and you’ll win prospects and a more sophisticated workforce every time.

Why PR for energy?


The cost of energy impacts the price of everything in our lives, from how much we pay for gas at the pump to the price of a head of lettuce at the grocery store. The U.S. leads the transition to alternatives from fossil fuels with breakthrough technologies, yet the global economy would collapse without burning carbon. DYS Media provides you with a voice in our shared energy future. Wherever you fall on the energy spectrum, we ensure that your audience sees and understands how you better the world.


You understand the intricacies of your product, whether it’s daily fluctuations in WTI and Brent Crude or exactly how many megawatt hours of wind are necessary to power a city block. All forms of extracting and producing energy contribute to maintaining U.S. energy independence. We should never return to the days when OPEC could cripple the economy with an embargo, or revert to the filthy Industrial Revolution days. Prepare your energy company for the future by laying your public relations groundwork with feature articles and company recognition today!


Why PR in Energy
PR Energy Case Study
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