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Dave Yonkman




Dave Yonkman gets you more business by getting you in the news.

He works with you to determine the unique value that you add to your market. He then helps you to broadcast that message through a media loudspeaker to your specific B2B and B2C customers.

Dave  spent 15 years honing his trade and building his policy portfolio in Washington, D.C., including serving as the Director of Communications for two powerful committee chairmen in the U.S. House of Representatives.

He started DYS Media in 2013 to help you win more revenue in tech, digital, manufacturing, energy, health care, construction, investor relations and anything that involves bending, cutting or stamping metal.

He lives in Holland with his wife and daughter.

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Angie Cooper



Angie Landman Marketing Director

Angie Cooper oversees marketing, sales and manages all matters digital as our Marketing Director!

Cooper offers extensive sales and marketing experience from her previous position in broadcast media. She provides two decades of experience in social media, photography, promotion and publicity to enhance creative and visual dynamics to media campaigns for our clients as well as in house at DYS Media.

“Angie understands human nature like Sigmund Freud and sees around corners like Nostradamus,” said Dave Yonkman, CEO of DYS Media. “Her ability to read situations quickly and isolate issues adds tremendous value to our friends and partners.”

Angie enjoys photography and boating. She was born in Warsaw, Poland but grew up locally in Holland, Mich., where she continues to live with her two children and husband.

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2424 Burton St. SE in Grand Rapids, MI 49546, USA

(616) 298-8798

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