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Tech purchases often require long-term commitments between businesses. Visionaries need your tech to solve their problems immediately. Managers need you to stick around to fix problems that arise after installation. High-caliber employees want to work for reputable companies that honor their commitments. Build your credibility by getting your name in the trade and mainstream news media. The implied third-party validation enhances your reputation above and beyond your competitors over the long haul.

Why PR for tech?


The U.S. teems with the brightest tech entrepreneurs. The problem is that they’re all pining for that same pool of angel dinero. Build an impressive digital footprint of positive news coverage that generates confidence in investors about your market appeal. DYS prepares you for the worst and brings out your best. We place your products and services into the news, ghost-write thought leadership articles for you and write your pitching material for investors.


Consumers largely don’t care about tech news. They care about the problems that your technology solves for them. Not many people worry about what ISP means (Internet Service Provider), but they sure know the precise moment when their internet goes down. PR educates consumers about your products and services. Break through the tech language barrier. DYS translates your services and products into a language consumers speak and can use to improve their lives. Don’t lose them with tech jargon that only code-writers understand.


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