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Social justice warriors ambush you over a lack of diversity in your senior staff. Forensic auditing reveals that your former CFO embezzled $630,000 over eight years.  An intern alleges that he slept with a superior for a promotion that was denied and files suit. Don’t think it can’t happen to you, regardless of how well you think you know your company. NOBODY hit by a crisis thought it would happen to them. By nature we cannot talk about our work in this department, but nobody walks away from us without looking better than when a crisis began. We have saved numerous partners of ours from the brink of ruin, and we guarantee that we will do the same for you.

Why PR crisis communications?


You have little control over most crises that arise over the course of your business life, but you exert total control over how you respond. DYS works with private enterprises to manage their crises, the vast majority of which are caused externally. We are the calm head in the room when everyone else flies off the handle with every latest Twitter post. We have managed crises at the highest levels of politics and business, as well as highly sensitive local health concerns. Trust us to get you through whatever problems that you might be facing.


Your customers should not feel the impact of embezzlements, extra-marital activities or internal strife regardless of how much they engulf your enterprise. DYS Media minimizes the negative and accentuates the positive to ensure that your constituencies value you even more once the dust settles.



Why PR Criss Communications
Crisis Communications Case Study
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