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When the Right People Find You

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More than 1,000 Intelligence Officers in the U.S. Air Force developed critical thinking and analytical skills with guidance from high-performance mental health strategist Rich Campbell. His practice, Living Well–Leading Well, helped Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, musicians, martial artists and high school students reach their highest level of success.

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  • We worked with business owner Rich Campbell to identify the customers he would best serve and how his narrative would guide them to his website.

  • We featured Rich on WOOD TV-8’s popular daytime program EightWest, wrote an opinion column in Crain’s Grand Rapids Business, booked a segment on local public radio and secured an article in a widely read Michigan newsletter.

  • The media placements appear first in search engine results when those who need Rich’s services look for them.


The Living Well, Leading Well website needed to embody the peace of mind achieved with High Performance Mental Fitness. It had to relax visitors upon first contact with calming blues and earthy shades of brown. The message and services needed to feel accessible.


How do you stand above and apart in an industry crowded by the same buzzwords and therapies? By niching down and becoming so unique that nobody could possibly mistake you for another business.



  • Visitors in need of Rich Campbell’s mental performance strategies will find Living Well, Leaving Well appear under the banner of authoritative publications. The legitimacy of a news article about your business cannot be purchased with an ad. Upon arriving at, users will quickly find the services they need at prices that match their budget.
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