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Attracting the Right Talent

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Logo Design - DYS Media


Gingerly Clean established itself as the leading residential and commercial cleaner in Fremont, Mich. It  built its reputation on 33 years of delivering consistent, high-performance service.

Website Design Cleaning Company


Gingerly Clean needed a new website that visually attracted customers and job candidates. The site needed to direct consumers to its services and applicants to its career page. DYS needed to streamline it all to make it as easy as possible for management to use it.

DYS Marketing Photography


Gingerly Clean’s growing customer base required more people to perform the work and more structure to their sales process. Their once-functional website deteriorated over the years. Visitors could not find basic information such as hours, products or services. Its email stopped working and links led to dead ends.



  • DYS Media worked with Gingerly Clean to identify essential information such as product safety sheets, the specific services they offer and their ideal customers.

  • We listed requirements that employees would need to do the tasks.

  • We retrieved domain rights from Gingerly Clean’s original website creators, who built the site a decade ago.

  • DYS built out the backend of their site so that everything functioned like it was supposed to, including leading customers through the sales process and qualifying applicants.

  • We weaved their keywords throughout their website including Frequently Asked Questions and service descriptions to attract the consumers they could best serve and the best employees to do the work.



  • DYS Media produced a spotless website for Gingerly Clean that enables consumers to quickly find what they need. It allows employees to determine whether they qualify for jobs and how to submit their resumes. It provides fast access to its forms for scheduling cleaning services. Most importantly, management at Gingerly Clean can do the entire process from their phones!
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