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Wordsmithing the Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing veteran Jim Vinoski wrote hundreds of articles for Forbes and trade publications under his own byline. He was ready to monetize his talents by offering technical writing and ghostwriting to industry.



  • Cosgrove Content needed no fancy introduction or videos. It needed to get straight to the point.

  • It spells out in big bold capital letters the precise options for technical writing services he provides to customers.

  • offers verifiable proof of the quality of Jim’s writing. It is linked directly to his services to eliminate confusion.


Jim Vinoski transforms the most complex ideas into content that readers inside and outside of industry understand. Workers know how to run their machines with his manuals. His brochures move buyers to spend millions. Jim’s attention to detail prevents costly accidents following assembly.


Product detail sheets, training manuals and annual reports don’t often win Pulitzer Prizes. They are fundamental to efficiently and safely operating heavy equipment, as well as for legal protection. How do you turn something as mundane as a spec sheet into something sexy? You don’t.



  • Manufacturing C-Suite executives, operations managers and marketing departments need a writing service. They pay for the service. They get the service. Cosgrove Content delivers on that basic transaction.
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