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YOUR Marketing Services

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B2B Media

You need 10 to 30 of the right buyers to support your business. Most often they don’t know who you are or where to find you. DYS Media gets you positive articles – not paid advertisements – about your product, process and talent in the news publications your customers read.

Digital social media

Digital Marketing

DYS Media upends 20th century marketing techniques like print advertisements, billboards and radio ads. Digital Marketing identifies the behavior and locations of the specific customers you want. Your message appears in their LinkedIn feeds, websites they visit and the games they play.

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Media Relations

Great media starts with great media relationships. DYS Media finds specific publications and reporters who cover your industry. We earn their trust with our honesty. They become interested in you and feel confident writing about you.

Web designing


Your website gets you found by the right customers and employees. It’s their first impression of you. DYS Media determines the words you use most often. We use them on the front of your website. We also code them into the backend. You appear at the top of Google results when customers enter those words into the search bar.

Meeting Room


Tired of low-value employees from Indeed? Valuable professionals spend time researching where they want to work. DYS Media creates a funnel on your website that returns only the best candidates.

Working Together

Thought Leadership

Opinion articles get your solutions in front of customers who need them. DYS Media organizes your ideas into powerful arguments. We write as many drafts as necessary to produce the piece that you want. We place the article in a respected publication read by your customers.

Media Interview

Media Training

DYS Media works with radio stations, TV studios and publications throughout North America. News media professionals tell us how they like to operate. We prepare you with tip sheets. We simulate interviews so you feel relaxed and at your best when talking about what you do.

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Crisis Management

DYS Media is the calm head in the room when chaos strikes. We solve crises that include medical incidents, employment disputes and acts of God. We contain or prevent the damage to ensure that you emerge better off than when the event started.

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2424 Burton St. SE in Grand Rapids, MI 49546, USA

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