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Do First Impressions Matter Online?

People form an opinion of you within seven seconds of meeting you in person. The internet gives you 0.05.

That’s not much time to make a good first impression. So why present yourself online – the world’s window into your business – as anything less than your full potential?

Your digital reach is your new business card after COVID changed your market permanently. Video meetings replaced in-person gatherings. Webinars and virtual networking are the new norm.

Your customers and talent form their opinion of you when they search for you online. Whether it’s your website, media placements or social media, you have 50 milliseconds to impress them.

A sloppy web presence leaves an impression similar to a sloppy business card. Great writing and presentation speaks volumes about your product, services and culture. People want to work with serious people.

Punch up your website so that search engines can find it by using the language you and your customers speak.

Take it further by using those same words when you get your organization in the publications your market reads. Disinterested third-party authorities such as newspapers and trade magazines push you over the top in the minds of your referrals.

Finally, incorporate that same language into your social media posts such as LinkedIn to further impress your customers and talent.

You create your own image on the internet. You can pay your niece or a kid at church a few hundred bucks to buy a template online for you. Or, you can invest a little more into your appearance.

You never get that second chance to make a good first impression. With only a fraction of a second, make it count!

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