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Public Relations Matters: [3 Examples] for Creating Your Authentic PR Advocates

By Dave Yonkman

Do you drown out most news and public relations claims you hear because you can’t trust any of it?

Privacy breaches expose how your credit card account isn’t fully protected despite guarantees. The company runs a public relations campaign to improve its image.

A corporation expresses its commitment to the community yet imposes intolerable working conditions on its employees.
The word "solution" on a keyboard
Authenticity Matters
An ice cream company whose headquarters sits on indigenous property starts a public relations campaign that tells other states to return land to Native Americans.

Your customers approach everything with the same sense of skepticism toward public relations. They are as desperate for honesty and transparency as you are.

They understand that products malfunction. They want to know whether you will stand by your word and fix it for them.

They don't want slick public relations gimmickry that tricks them into remaining loyal customers. They want to be made whole. When that happens they authentically advocate for you.

Authentic advocates develop genuine passion and allegiance to your company's products, values or mission.

They can be your employees, suppliers or buyers who naturally champion you to others by word-of-mouth. Testimony from trusted friends and associates is the most effective public relations ever invented.

Their endorsement is not contractual but stems from an authentic connection to you.

This is how public relations works.

Tesla galvanized an army of authentic proponents who believe in the company’s mission to re-envision the electric automobile with a powerful public relations effort.

Tesla owners – often referred to as “Tesla evangelists” – share their experiences about the benefits of electric vehicles. Such grassroots advocacy amplifies the company's commitment to technological breakthroughs.

(Owner Elon Musk famously eliminated its entire public relations department in 2020, which was a clever public relations stunt on its own.)

Microphone in front of a crowd on stems
Public Relations

Caterpillar – a global leader in construction and mining equipment – showcases the stories of its employees with public relations. These narratives highlight the people behind their innovations.

The vignettes range from engineers who design cutting-edge machinery to factory workers who ensure precision manufacturing. The approach to public relations humanizes the brand to connect with audiences emotionally.

Siemens is a technology powerhouse that works on its public relations through its Industrial Partners.

The global manufacturer spotlights its joint ventures with suppliers when they solve complex challenges. It generates support from partners who share an interest in shaping the future of manufacturing.

Your manufacturing firm can collaborate with your employees to showcase their dedication and expertise with similar public relations efforts. You can humanize your operations by sharing stories of workers on their hiring anniversaries or of those who contributed to groundbreaking projects.

Such narratives resonate with your customers and reinforce your reputation.

You do need to stand by your brand promise though.

Those authentic advocates you worked so hard to build through honest public relations could quickly turn into your greatest detractors if you don’t treat them well.

Keep giving them reasons to recommend you. Offer them your new products to try out first. Send them unsolicited swag every once in a while. Host an open house for them.

Focus your public relations specifically on them!

That’s how DYS Media operates with the public relations services we provide to you.

We work relentlessly to ensure that our customers are happy with their results. That’s our brand promise.

9 times out of 10 we can flip the switch on your website or get a news article published about you, and it immediately leads to more demand for your work.

Sometimes it takes a little longer, but we stay with every public relations project until we get it right for you. It’s written into every proposal we offer and every contract we sign. We’re proud to share the success stories of our authentic advocates.

You too can enlist the support of genuine spokespeople who deeply resonate with your company’s values and offerings with public relations. You will cultivate stronger connections by bringing these voices into your story. You’ll carve a path toward more meaningful relationships.
Spokesperson standing in front of a podium
PR - Spokesperson
Those relationships will determine your public relations strategies.

Your customers will accept any defects in your work if they trust that you will fix any problem.

Great customer service will take care of a faulty product any day of the week.

Never break the trust of your strongest supporters, and they will promote you for life!

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