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Would you post your break room on LinkedIn?

How would you feel if an employee posted photos of your break room on LinkedIn?

Would you prefer nobody see the yellow paint covering concrete walls? The moldy coffee maker? The Westinghouse microwave from 1985?

Or would you feel proud of the clean carpeting? The comfortable couches? The stocked Keurig?

Your company’s reputation starts with how much you trust and respect your employees.

The space you provide them for leisure time is only one example.

Your employees are your front-line ambassadors to the world.

They need to feel valued and appreciated where they spend one-third of their lives.

It often doesn’t take much.

Even giving your people high-quality workwear and in-house perks offers community and pride.

Digital Media Relations gives your talent a megaphone to build your reputation through your website, LinkedIn, online reviews and the publications your partners read.

You will attract more like-minded customers and employees to your cause the more they post about you positively.

Call DYS Media at (616) 298-8798 or email to spread the news about your reputation with Digital Media Relations today!

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