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Where is your Talent Hiding?

Getting the right people on your bus starts with how they imagine working with you.

Their top priority is the same as yours. You want to enjoy your work and accomplish something worthwhile since it is where you spend at least one-third of your lives.

Intelligent and talented candidates don’t learn the truth about you through billboards or paid advertisements. They uncover the truth by talking with current/former employees and following those employees on social media to see what they post about you.

Meet them where they are and let your reputation work to your advantage!

Digital Media Relations gets the right people interested in you. Your workforce talks and posts about the good work your business is doing. They share open positions, photos from company events and your latest news. You can also secure media placements in meaningful publications that cover your industry. Your employees want to be as proud of the company for which they work as you are.

Want to attract talent with Digital Media Relations? Call (616) 298-8798 or email us at to learn about your opportunities today!

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