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Want the media to write about you?

How do you get the news media to write about you?


You don’t get there by blasting press releases on an online distribution platform to every reporter with an email address.

99% of them don’t write about your industry.

Digital Media Relations identifies journalists who write about your category.

Media professionals earn money by giving timely, relevant and compelling news to their readers.

You earn credibility and profit by giving timely, relevant and compelling information to media professionals.

Do you offer an uncommon solution to a common problem?

Does your product undergo a unique process?

Who is the talent creating your products?

The right journalists want to know!

Digital Media Relations ensures media coverage in which you, the reporters who cover your industry and their readers all become more knowledgeable and prosperous.

CLICK HERE to read our new step-by-step guide to getting great media attention. Call (616) 298-8798 or email to get started TODAY!

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