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Unsure of how to Invest Your 2022 Year-End Funds?

Will you have excess 2022 funds that the IRS will take if you don’t spend it?

Why not invest some of that year-end largesse into securing business for yourself in 2023?

With Digital Media Relations, you manage your online presence by using your keywords on your website, in high-value online publications and on social media. The precise customers who need your solutions and have the money to buy them will easily be able to find you when they need you.

The best part is that keyworded phrases, media placements and strategically placed information lives online forever. It doesn’t end the moment you stop spending like with paid advertising.

With inflation still raging, lock in your 2023 Digital Media Relations services at 2022 prices before time runs out.

Call (616) 298-8798 or email us at to explore your opportunities today!

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