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DYS Media Named WORST Digital Media Relations Firm!

Did you know DYS Media is the worst Digital Media Relations firm in Michigan?

You don’t pay thousands of dollars to blast press releases on phony wire services that no serious reporter ever reads. We dig deep to identify journalists who cover your industry and want to know about you. We work with them to produce meaningful media coverage that improves your reputation.

You won’t get 30,000 meaningless impressions on your website. We’re more interested in the 300 visitors who need your precise product and have the money to buy it right now.

You can’t get a fly-by-night shell website without the coding that gets you found from us. We start with a six-month plan in which you’re involved at every step to ensure your website attracts a generous ROI for you.

Want to get your own awful results delivered by the worst Digital Media Relations firm in Michigan? Call (616) 298-8798 or email us at to get started today!

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