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Do you know how people talk about you when you’re not around?

What do your consumers say about you when you’re not online to manage the conversation?

The remarks could be unpleasant, resulting in one-star reviews on Google and Glassdoor, as well as complaints to the Better Business Bureau. False rumors spread by bad actors on LinkedIn and X never helped anyone.

You CAN manage how people talk about you with Public Relations. You shape your perceived value with the language on your website, on social media and in news articles about you in the publications your customers read.

Google’s algorithms more prominently feature positive information about you in its search results when you take control over the words with which the world describes you. You reach your customers first with the facts about your superior products and services. Your super consumers overwhelm negative reviews with positive reviews and beat back the rumor mill on your behalf.

Don’t allow trolls to ruin the reputation you worked so hard to build. You deserve better. Call (616) 298-8798 or email us at to start your journey with Public Relations today!

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