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Are you a leader if nobody follows you?

People like to title themselves “leaders” on their LinkedIn profiles.

Becoming a leader is a worthwhile endeavor. Leaders dominate industry, politics and finance. They command vast influence.

Most often “leaders” on LinkedIn are business consultants who never ran a business.

Marketing gurus with college degrees and no experience.

Mid-level managers who supervise 3 people.

Leaders don’t call themselves leaders. They lead. Walt Disney was famous for picking up trash around his parks. He built integrity by following a rule all Disney employees agreed to follow.

Pick up trash whenever you see it.

Employees saw him. The founder of a massive company committed himself to the same high standard as everyone else.

He inspired others to follow him. Cast members, executives and Mickey Mouse himself picked up trash wherever they saw it.

You demonstrate your leadership by becoming a person worth following.

Pay attention to details.

Become indispensable.

Set Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Build a great company based upon impeccable values.

Talk about how you're improving the lives of your customers.

Disney would never label himself a leader on his LinkedIn profile.

He led.

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