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Get your offering  in front of those who need to see and hear it in the Business to Business media space. You need to appear in Construction Dive with your innovations when you manufacture steel components for construction projects. Similarly, you need to appear in Advanced Manufacturing when you construct large-scale industrial buildings.


Public Relations is all about that second part, relationships. Our friends in the media become your friends in the media. News pros work at a breakneck pace to produce quality journalism. They need sources for fast and accurate information. Media Relations demands tenacity, mental elasticity and an empathy for the demands on reporters and producers. The Return on Investment accumulates over time and manifests in untold dividends.


We produce the content around which people pay for advertising. You innovate, announce new projects and celebrate milestones. Your competitors buy ads. DYS places you in local and national B2B media, influential blogs and trade publications to stay at the top of your customer’s minds, as well as their search engine results.


You can build the most productive kitchen gadget of all time, but it doesn’t matter if nobody knows about it. We place your product and services in  Business to Consumer media outlets such as your local newspaper, radio program or TV station that your buyers watch. You become the story, and it instantaneously elevates your value in the eyes of your consumers.


We’re the calm head in the room with you when the world outside the walls seemingly explodes. We offer you experience in running crisis communications ranging from medical incidents to businesses that come under assault from outside parties. We counsel you to minimize conflict and ensure that you emerge in better shape than when the problem started for you.


We have been in the newsrooms of countless radio stations, TV studios and newspapers in the country. Our friends in the media have not been shy in telling us how they prefer to operate over the years, and we listened. You’re not invited back very often, if at all, when you don’t. We give you tip sheets and place you in a simulated environment to prepare the meekest among us for the hot lights.


Together we create the content that your customers share on social channels. We practice the most effective strategies on the most appropriate platforms. We find the channels from where your prospects get their information and ensure that your message gets in front of them and in an easily digestible format.


You’re a great writer with great ideas. The problem is that you do not have enough time to produce the final document that you want. Besides, it’s not what you do. You have a business to run. We take the heavy lifting off of your hands by performing the research and submitting however many drafts required to nail your voice and get your thoughtfully crafted article into the public conversation.


You’re required to talk about your business to a lot of different audiences. It requires writing several narrowly tailored event bios and various speeches or talking points. Send us your thoughts and the people you’re addressing. We take care of everything up to when you deliver your actual message.


A project only a CPA could love. They take up too much time with boring numbers. That doesn’t mean that the Securities and Exchange Commission doesn’t require them or your investors don’t need them to continue sending you money. We create high-caliber documents for you, so we can take a significant workload off of your plate when you need to draft them every year.


Press releases continue to play an important role in public relations. Sometimes you need to get as much information out to as many people as quickly as possible, such as when you host an event or a safety threat to the public emerges. We write and distribute your news through the appropriate channels as widely and to as many consumers as necessary.


We repurpose the content that we create together for all secondary marketing channels, such as paid advertisements, newsletters and blogs. When your message performs, let’s leverage every possibility available to disseminate it.


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(616) 610-0533

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