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Business Wellness Begins with DYS

Healthcare executives face ever-increasing demands for cost transparency, interpreting new data and analytics and effectively delivering treatments to patients. Couple that with campaign trail proposals from politicians and constantly changing policy from Washington, D.C., and you quickly drown in the morass of the $3 trillion market. DYS Media provides you with decades of leadership in healthcare public relations. Whether you’re a provider, hospital, organization or manufacturer, we ensure that you present your offerings and specialties to your constituencies with brevity and clarity. By its very nature, healthcare is especially vulnerable to crises. DYS Media helps you to plan, train and prepare to respond to nearly any medical situation that may arise.


Why PR for healthcare?


Cost and transparency issues will dominate the healthcare discussion for the foreseeable future. Executives who understand and prepare for this reality will survive the evolution in the market. Advertisements can only do so much to differentiate you in the $3 trillion healthcare industry. Market your products and services to your buyers with Public Relations. They want to know that you empathize with the skyrocketing cost of coverage, and they want you talking about your offerings in a language that they understand.


Multiple audiences in the healthcare industry speak multiple different languages. DYS Media helps you with Certificate of Need issues, explains your data, as well as addresses security and privacy issues that become more prevalent as we become a more connected world. Becoming versed in the multitude of healthcare languages will better position you for an acquisition or to become acquired. Nothing beats clarity and brevity in such a complex industry.