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Rodger Price 's VISION: Making West Michigan KNOWN for Great Leadership!!!

Rodger Price’s mission began with a vision in 2014. In West Michigan’s reputation for generosity, he saw people whose commitment to philanthropy and their community seemed different than in other places he lived.

 We discuss the renovation of a most recent fabrication facility in the most economically challenged GR Neighborhood, helping to revitalize the community. Mike Otis talks about Double O.

DOUBLE O by Shelley Irwin

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Q&A: Rodger Price Founder, Leading by Design LLC

Rodger Price formed Leading by Design LLC in Holland in January 2014 to develop business leaders with a sense that West Michigan was “already this hotbed of great leaders.” He believes that by cultivating that culture, the region can become a leader in leadership development, similar to what Silicon Valley is to technology.

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 Leading By Design Helping Leaders As We Emerge from the Pandemic

For a look at how we're helping leaders think clearly and lead well as we emerge from the pandemic, check out Rodger Price's conversation with Justin Barclay on CEO Spotlight.
If you're an executive who'd like to get in touch with Rodger about his offer of free coaching sessions, visit to reach out.


i'move opens Whitehall facility at VAC

One of the owners of the newest physical therapy facility in Whitehall likens caring for our bodies to maintaining a vehicle.

“Why do we regularly change the oil in our cars to counter repetitive wear and tear, yet ignore the pain caused by repetitive wear and tear in our bodies for years?" questions Jeff Clark

US Capital Global Securities Launches $5MM Series A Equity Offering for GetAssist

San Francisco-based private financial group engaged by North American Software-as-a-Service company as lead placement agent for equity offering.

Drone company earns best in state title

Congratulations to Holland's JeremyLatchaw on his most recent accomplishment! 'Drone company earns best in state title'

Staying limber: company brings physical therapy to the workplace

Christopher Schacht had a great interview about his experience traveling Around the World on 50 Bucks w/ Colleen & Catie of the Trip Sisters! Listen to the podcast below!

Today's Leaders - Bruce Fikowski, CEO GetAssist

Bruce Fikowski CEO of GetAssist joins Calgary Today's Angela Kokott in studio to talk family, life and business.

WML: CEO Spotlight with Jeremy Latchaw from Macatawa Unmanned Systems

Jeremy Latchaw joins to talk about how his company, Macatawa Unmanned Systems, affects and helps West Michigan.

Entrepreneur, mom of 6, builds business to help others prosper

Jeremy Latchaw joins to talk about how his company, Macatawa Unmanned Systems, affects and helps West Michigan.

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